Technology for treatment of highly concentrated wastewater containing disinfectants such as quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC)
    The existing process frameworks of air terminal wastewater treatment do not provide for the reception and treatment of liquid wastes from aircraft bio-toilets, which contain high concentrations of pollutants identifiable by COD, nutrients and, most importantly, disinfectant - quaternary ammonium salts (QAS), toxic to microorganisms of activated sludge.

  • GOAL
    The aim of the research is to develop a technology for pretreatment of liquid biotoilet wastes containing QAS with their subsequent mixing and co-treatment with domestic wastewater of airport terminals. To achieve the goal it is necessary to determine the method of reducing the concentration of QAS and other pollutants to the values at which the inhibition of activated sludge stops.

    ECOS Group specialists developed and launched a patented technology of air terminal wastewater treatment at one of the largest airports in Russia, which includes bioabsorption for preliminary reduction of QAS, COD, ammonium nitrogen of liquid wastes from bio-toilets, which allowed to treat wastewater in accordance with the requirements for discharges into water bodies of commercial fishing purposes.

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