The Chemical Laboratory was opened in ECOSTECH Center in 2020 to perform research tasks in treatment of wastewater and natural waters from various types of pollutants: approbation of treatment technology before its implementation, performance of applied research to validate the selected technology and determine its core parameters.

In the laboratory we create an environment for the work of highly qualified specialists capable of solving ambitious issues in area of water treatment.
Our core principles are competence, objectivity and confidentiality.
Our partners can be certain that the results obtained in the laboratory are reliable. We ensure their high precision by:
Strictly regulated sampling procedure
High qualification and expertise of our specialists
Use of modern equipment from leading manufacturers
Introduction of new methods of analysis into laboratory practice
8 (800) 222-0903

346400, Rostov region,
Novocherkassk, pr. Yermaka, 106, office 303
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