One of the priority directions of the ECOSTECH for Research and Education Center is personnel training of enterprises and organizations.

Professionalism of personnel at all levels and in all areas of activity determines the efficiency of using scientific and technical, material, financial resources.

The issue of water resources exploitation is dramatical all over the world
A Corporate Training Center was established on the premises of ECOSTECH Center in order to meet the growing demand for qualified personnel in water conditioning and wastewater treatment industries

In our Corporate Training Center, a reliable material, technical and educational-methodical base has been created for conducting full-fledged training. The experience of implementing more than 500 projects in Russia and abroad allows us to use practical examples in training to improve the level of competence.

The instructors of the training center are researchers and practitioners with actual operational experience, deeply immersed in their profession.

These courses will enable students to understand current technologies, specialized equipment for natural and wastewater treatment and operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Key benefits:
  • Our organization's experience in water supply and wastewater treatment extends back more than 30 years
  • Organization and conduct of industrial excursions
    to treatment facilities
  • Carring eut practical classes on the basis of a modern chemical laboratory and unique laboratory
  • Training sessions are performed by highly qualified specialists and researchers with decades of experience

Обучение проводится на основании Лицензии на осуществление образовательной деятельности № 7195 от 08.09.2021г., выданной Министерством общего и профессионального образования Ростовской области
Повышение квалификации специалистов
По итогам обучения и успешной аттестации слушателям выдается удостоверение о повышении квалификации.
Предоставление консалтинговых услуг
Оказание консалтинговых и информационных услуг по решению проблем в области водоснабжения и водоотведения.
Семинары, тренинги, конференции
Слушатели смогут не только обновить свои знания, но и получить рекомендации преподавателей, обменяться опытом с коллегами.

  • E.V. Wilson
    Deputy Director General for Scientific and Educational Work, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Chairman of the RAVB NTS Section
  • V.A. Litvinenko
    Deputy Director General for Research and Development work
  • E.V. Kozhukhova
    Head of Chemical Laboratory
  • Y.L. Kerimova
    Deputy Head of Chemical Laboratory
  • A.A. Kadrevich
    Head of Commercial Work with Industrial Enterprises Department
  • N.N. Falko
    Head of the Corporate Training Center
  • A.S. Lanovoi
    Senior process engineer
We believe that our efforts will lead to a future where water is clean and people love nature and conserve its resources

8 (800) 222-0903

346400, Rostov region,
Novocherkassk, pr. Yermaka, 106, office 303
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