ECOSTECH research and education Center is a part of ECOS Group - a group of specialized companies operating over 30 years under a common brand in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

As part of ECOS Group, ECOSTECH Center develops innovative technologies, provides knowledge-intensive services for experimental validation of technology performance and creation of marketable products in the fields of natural water purification, wastewater treatment and sludge utilization, as well as trains operational and scientific personnel.

To achieve the declared objectives, ECOSTECH Center conducts scientific-applied research that determines the overall potential of the ECOS Group and creates conditions for extensive involvement of young talents in scientific work.
Organizes, coordinates and evaluates scientific and scientific-practical activities of ECOSTECH

Determines prospective guidelines, including publication of manuals, monographs, articles and patent applications of ECOSTECH Center staff.

Reviews and approves plans, programs and reports on practical, research, scientific, methodological and educational work.

Addresses the issues of training and professional development of the staff. Decides on their participation in conferences, congresses and seminars.
The Science and Technology Council of ECOSTECH Center consists of high-level professionals.
The Council includes winner of the Russian Government Award in science and technology.

Priority scientific research includes biological and physical-chemical treatment of wastewater and natural waters, as well as microbiology.
Mikhail Zubov
PhD. In Technical Sciences, Honored Inventor and Rationalizer, winner of the Russian Government Award in science and technology for scientific validation, development and implementation of wastewater treatment biotechnology with Anammox bacteria, expert consultant on global projects, founder of ECOS Group.
Alla Nozhevnikova
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Anthropogenic Habitats (Institute of Microbiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences), winner of the Russian Government Award.
Elena Wilson
PhD. In Technical Sciences Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, author of 150 scientific papers, member of the Technical Council of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of the Rostov region, external expert of the Department of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources Management in the Southern Federal District.
Gennady Zubov
PhD. In Technical Sciences., MBA, laureate of the Russian Government Prize in science and technology for scientific validation, development and implementation of wastewater treatment biotechnology with Anammox bacteria.
Using the modern technologies, we make water clean and valuable, preserve it for future generations and return it to nature with gratitude.
Resource preservation
We consider clean water as a resource and wastewater as a dual resource: a source of clean water and valuable raw material. We care about the environment and contribute to a sustainable planet. We reduce the amount of untreated wastewater and ensure its safe and cost-effective reuse.
  • Taking care of the future
    We believe in a pollution-free future. Using the latest environmental technologies, we make water clean and useful, preserve it for future generations and return it to nature with gratitude.
  • Treating everyone with respect
    We treat our employees, partners and customers with respect. We support a diversity of opinions and initiatives to achieve the best possible result. We conceive and resolve each customer's issue.
  • Working for quality results
    We meet the strict requirements of the profession, training and improving ourselves to provide quality solutions for our customers. For us, customer satisfaction is the best evaluation of our performance.
  • Creating innovation
    We anticipate new trends, develop and implement the finest bio- and nanotechnologies available. Our innovations provide customers with solution options and employees with opportunities for professional growth.
  • Building relationships on trust
    We build up trust within the team, with customers and partners. Trust helps us to support, strengthen and complement each other. We trust the professionalism of our colleagues and apply optimal solutions for the customer.
  • Working as a team
    We are a close-knit team where every employee matters. We are united by one goal — to return natural purity to a vital resource.
Water is an important resource.
But what about wastewater?
We at ECOSTECH Center and ECOS Group believe that wastewater is not just an essential, but an invaluable resource. After all, it can precisely meet the growing demand for water and a variety of raw materials.

We contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 ("Ensuring availability and sustainable use of water and sanitation for all"): we reduce the amount of untreated wastewater and establish its safe reuse. .
Our 30+ years of practical experience and collaboration with leading scientists allow us to:
  • Integrate education and research.
  • Engage with the industry and entrepreneurship ecosystem.
  • Conduct application studies and incorporate successful technologies into ECOS Group customer projects, contributing to the growth of innovation in the water supply and wastewater industries.

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346400, Rostov region,
Novocherkassk, pr. Yermaka, 106, office 303
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