Adaptation of technology and technical solutions for gray water treatment to conditions in Russia
    In Russia this issue is not so urgent compared to other countries, but there is already an extreme shortage of clean water in a number of regions due to a combination of natural and anthropogenic factors, as well as the uneven distribution of resources across the country. Therefore, it is essential both to think about and to take actions aimed at preserving water resources and their rational use.
  • GOAL
    The purpose of the ECOS Group is to develop and implement technology aimed at the rational use of drinking water through the separation of domestic wastewater into "gray" and "black" with their subsequent decentralized treatment and reuse.
    The objectives of this work are to test the mechanical and physical and chemical treatment units, enabling to achieve the quality of treated water suitable for reuse for technical needs of "flushing toilets", cleaning, watering green areas.
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