Optimization of the process of biochemical treatment of wastewater from low molecular weight alcohols
    Low-molecular weight alcohols are extensively used in the production processes of enterprises of various profiles. For example, ethylene glycol is widely used in the chemical, automotive, oil and gas, aviation, pharmaceutical, textile, tobacco, perfume and leather industries.

    As a result, various concentrations of these substances are found in industrial and surface wastewater. Airfield surface wastewater containing de-icing liquids composed of ethylene glycol should be singled out separately. Generally, low-molecular weight alcohols are toxic and pose a threat to the ecosystem.
  • GOAL
    ECOS Group aims to create a universal technological approach to treatment under conditions of changing wastewater temperatures, pH and pollutant concentrations to prevent pollution of ecosystems by wastewater containing low molecular weight alcohols.
    Research objectives:
    - formation of biocenosis immobilized on synthetic filling and forming activated sludge adapted to the given type of wastewater pollution;

    - laboratory studies and pilot tests to determine the kinetic parameters (oxidation rate, microbial growth rate) of the microbial assemblage to determine the parameters of the structures;

    - calculation and design of process charts with regard to various input parameters (wastewater temperature, concentration of low molecular weight alcohols, pH, presence or absence of biogenic elements).

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