Recycling of grease-containing wastewater
    The issue of food processing wastewater treatment is caused by the rotting and emission of strong unpleasant odors in such wastewater.

    The presence of fatty phase and other suspended solids in food industry wastewater leads to clogging of sewage networks, formation of dense deposits on the walls of pumping station tanks, which hinders the operation of aeration tanks.
  • GOAL
    Various types of fat contaminants contained in the wastewater of food enterprises are useful by-products that can and should be extracted from wastewater for reuse and subsequent utilization. This will not only reduce the negative impact on wastewater treatment plants and the environment by reducing the concentration of fats in wastewater, but also bring additional income to the enterprise.
    The objective of ECOSTECH R&D Center in fat-containing wastewater processing is to develop an effective technology of fat extraction from wastewater and its processing, as processed fat is a valuable raw material for the production of soap and lubricants.

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