Bench studies of biological treatment of simulated wastewater from oil and additives production of LLK-International at the facility: "Additives production complex in Volgograd"
The subject of the study was the processes of biological oxidation of methanol taking place under conditions of free-floating activated sludge and attached microorganisms
Obtaining reliable information on the parameters of biooxidation of organic substances under conditions of simultaneous presence of methanol, potassium acetate and acetic acid in wastewater simulant.
ECOSTECH R&D Center carried out tests on self-manufactured small-sized IBR and LBR rig installations.
Bench tests were developed according to a special program, included several stages and took place with the participation of attached biocoenosis and free-floating activated sludge. The program implementation was carried out in parallel at 2 installations and consisted of the following stages:
adjustment of the operating mode of the units and verification of compliance of the initial concentrations of pollutants with the target values according to the study program;
adaptation of biological treatment system of simulated wastewater
testing of the study program at initial methanol concentration of 400 mg/l;
testing of the study program at initial methanol concentration of 600 mg/l
testing of the study program at initial methanol concentration of 800 mg/l;
sampling and chemical analyses at all stages of the study program;
summarizing the obtained information and writing a report with the results of the study
Studies conducted on bench installations in flowing round-the-clock mode have shown the possibility, expediency and reliability of biological treatment application in methanol removal using free-floating activated sludge and immobilized microorganisms at its ultimate initial concentration of 800 mg/l. According to the data obtained by using 2-stage biological oxidation system for the total residence time of 43.6 h residual methanol values of about 0.1 mg/l were obtained, which corresponds to the MPC of methanol for discharge into water bodies of commercial fishing significance. Considering the fact that biological treatment is a traditional and cost-effective technology it is recommended to use it for removal of high concentrations of methanol from industrial wastewaters.
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