Pilot tests on neutralization and treatment of industrial wastewater from power generation at Sibur-Khimprom JSC
The main dissolved compounds from the DOTP production unit are dioctyl terephthalate and alcohols - isopropanol and 2-ethylhexanol. In the course of operation of the neutralization and treatment unit of industrial wastewater of Sibur-Khimprom JSC, the oppressive effect of DOTP unit wastewater on the operation of the biological treatment unit was revealed. Additional research and analysis of the biological treatment unit operation data confirms the pronounced toxicity of DOTP effluent.
Goals and objectives:
Confirmation of the possibility of treating real industrial wastewater from DOTP production by biological treatment with preliminary treatment of suspended solids to achieve regulatory requirements for wastewater quality
ECOSTECH R&D Center, together with the Scientific and Technological Center of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim and NIOST LLC, conducted pilot tests on a self-manufactured laboratory facility
Performance tests were developed according to a special program and included several stages:
Collection of initial data. Introduction to the technological area at the customer's production site
Derivation of biocenosis, the main metabolism of which is isopropanol and 2-ethylgnexanol
Installation of the pilot unit. Preparation of the unit for start-up, including preparation of monitoring and control systems
Start-up and bringing the unit to the operating mode, as well as its subsequent operation
Analytical control of waste water. Selection and evaluation of optimal parameters of the operating mode
Development of initial data for design of industrial capacity plant for treatment of DOTP wastewater based on the selected optimal process parameters and developed basic technical solutions obtained during pilot tests
Report on the results of production tests
In order to achieve the set goal the following objectives were accomplished:

- A survey of wastewater entering the treatment facilities of Sibur-Khimprom JSC, as well as effluents at all stages of biological treatment at the pilot plant was carried out.

- Adjustment of reagents and biogens supply for normal operation of the biocenosis was carried out.

- The optimal process mode and volume of bioreactor were selected.

- Studies on neutralization of DOTP production effluent by alternative acids were carried out to eliminate exceedances of certain substances.

- The principal system of DOTP production effluent treatment was developed.

- Optimal conditions and highlighted operational risks of the unit of biological after-treatment of DOTP effluent are proposed.

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