Instructors of ECOSTECH Center conducted training for technical staff of SIBUR LLC

The training took place at the Customer's site in the city of Kstovo

The program was delivered to the technical staff in the amount of 40 hours

From 22.11.2021 to 26.11.2021, instructors of the Corporate Training Center of ECOSTECH Center trained specialists of Sibur at the Customer's site in Kstovo on the "Operation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities" program for 40 hours.

The program of training covered the following subjects:

• Wastewater composition.
• Wastewater treatment facilities operation principle.
• Facilities for mechanical treatment of wastewater.
• Wastewater equalization.
• Facilities for physical and chemical treatment.
• The role of microorganisms in wastewater treatment. Microorganisms as destructors of pollutants.
• Wastewater treatment in anaerobic and aerobic conditions.
• Final treatment and sanitization of wastewater.
• Sludge dewatering of biological wastewater treatment plants.

This training will allow trainees to make correct decisions on regulation of technological parameters of wastewater treatment process, identify and eliminate violations of technological mode of operation of facilities.

    Letter of thanks from A.N. Paramonov, Head of the SIBURINTECH Engineering Expertise Development Center.

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