The Corporate Training Center of ECOSTECH Center held training seminars for SIBUR employees.
24 groups of SIBUR LLC employees were trained

The instructors of the Corporate Training Center of ECOSTECH Center trained 24 groups of SIBUR LLC employees from December 13, 2022 to May 29, 2023. The seminars were held at the Customer's site in the SIBURINTEKH Innovation Education Center (Tobolsk, Tyumen region) under the following programs:

Filtering materials
The program covers the types of filter media and installations designed for water treatment of CHPPs.

Operation features of steam turbines and their auxiliary equipment
The classes covered types and designs of steam turbines, parameters of thermal and mechanical condition of turbines, emergency instructions.

Steam drum boilers and furnaces with steam pressure over 40 bar, operating features, standards and requirements
The trainees were introduced to the device and technical specifications of furnaces and boilers used at the enterprises.

Operation features of deaeration units
The focus of the training is on equipping employees with the skills necessary to analyze the situation and perform the correct actions in case of equipment malfunctions leading to emergency situations.

Operation and maintenance of water treatment plants (WTP)
This course allows trainees to maintain water chemistry specifications without violations, increasing the productivity of ion-exchange and membrane plants, as well as the service lives of filter media.

Water chemistry specifications
Norms of water chemistry specifications, causes of breach and regulations for their timely elimination formed the basis of this course.

    At the end of the training, groups of trainees underwent testing and questionnaires
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