Pilot testing of SIBUR KHIMPROM's wastewater after-treatment technology to create a closed water cycle for the enterprise.

The Perm-based company Sibur-Khimprom is part of the major petrochemical holding SIBUR and is one of Russia's leading producers of a number of important petrochemical products. The company's operations involve the use of a significant amount of water resources.

  • 10 000 cub.m
    of water from the Kama River is used daily for production needs
  • 7 500 cub. m
    is the daily wastewater discharge into the municipal wastewater disposal system.

  • 3 mln cub. m
    of wastewater is treated by Sibur-Khimprom, which is equal to the annual water consumption of a small town.
The company's key water consumption goals are: ensuring a high degree of water treatment, reducing water intake and pollutant discharges. They are included in SIBUR's Sustainable Development Strategy until 2025 and are aimed at closed water cycle technology to reduce river water consumption by at least 5% and reduce the specific mass of pollutants in wastewater by 40%.
ECOSTECH R&D Center conducted pilot tests at pilot plants using new technologies at the production site of Sibur-Khimprom (Perm region).
The purpose of these tests was to determine process parameters of wastewater pretreatment and desalination for reuse at the operating enterprise with minimal losses and saving water consumption.
Industrial tests were developed according to a special program and included several stages:
Collection of initial data. Introduction to the technological area at the customer's production site
Simulation of operation according to the described specifications for wastewater treatment
Installation of the pilot unit. Preparation of the unit for start-up, including preparation of monitoring and control systems
Start-up and bringing the unit to the operating mode
Analytical control of waste water. Selection and evaluation of optimal parameters of the operating mode
Report on the results of production tests
The quality of treated water after all stages corresponds to the quality composition of water used for water supply purposes of Sibur-Khimprom. In the course of this stage a stable required treatment efficiency in terms of technologically standardized indicators was achieved.
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