Method of deep complex treatment of highly concentrated multicomponent landfill filtrates
    Landfill filtrates are formed in the process of waste biotransformation, accompanied by chemical transformations of substances that, dissolving in water, form sophisticated systems. Landfill filtrates cause significant damage to the environment, in particular to the hydrosphere, poisoning ground and surface waters with organic and mineral components.

  • GOAL
    The goal of ECOSTECH R&D Center is to create a universal integrated technological approach to the treatment of landfill filtrates under conditions of changing concentrations of pollutants depending on the age of the landfill.
    The study objective is a literature review, laboratory studies of filtrate composition of various landfills, as well as obtaining reliable results in the analysis of technological methods of filtrate treatment of "young" and "old" landfills and the use of the results obtained for the design of a unified process chart.

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